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Roland Wissler

Hello, I am happy to report concerning Dr. Chen's treatment. On 9-99, a needle biopsy discovered prostate cancer with a gleason score of 7. The first PSA was 12.5 and it is now 29.2. However I am 79, am very active and feel well. Bone scans to this point have shown no spread of the cancer. The HMO surgeon in 99 pressured me to have surgery and then possibly radiation. I refused as some of my friends have had both with unhappy results. From the time of the biopsy, or shortly thereafter, Dr. Chen has treated me weekly with herbs and acupuncture. I remain very satisfied that I chose this course of treatment. My PSA decreased from 22.46 to 19.43. If you have further questions please feel free to email me. The best to you.

Elena Precher

My lower back was so painful on my right side that I had to use pillows to gain some comfort so I could fall asleep. After 4 treatments of Chinese manipulation, acupuncture treatment and herbs my back is 90% better. I feel no pain just slight discomfort if I move to quickly or bend in an unnatural position. I also came for stress and now I'm much more relayed and able to deal with my daily schedule.

Maxine Smith

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1996. I've gone through some of the standard medical treatments such as Aleve, minocycline, methotrexate, Arava (leflunomide), and finally weekly injections of Enbrel. Due to complications with the drugs, I was taken off everything except Arava, and as a result I started having painful "flares" or breakthroughs of the arthritis about once a month. My medical doctor recommended a monthly infusion of Orencia as the next treatment. That's when I heard of Dr. Chen. I began twice weekly acupuncture treatments for my immune system and feel better than I have in years. I am still taking a lower dose of leflunomide, but I have not had to go on heavier medications. Dr. Chen's treatments have eliminated the painful "flares" of rheumatoid arthritis.


Thank you Dr Chen. I am 50 to 60 % back to normal with energy & what I can do. I try not to do too much otherwise I do not feel good at night.
My wrists are swollen 70% of the time. There is no more burning pain all day, only in my right hand at night but not so bad as does not make me cry but it hurts & wakes me up. In the day it is more like clamping tightness that is stopping free movement & I can ignore the discomfort.
I only take 2 motrin at night so I can get to sleep.
My fingers get numb when I do repetitive motions. Also I wake 1 or 2 times a night with a numb right hand & burning sensation in the fingers even though I sleep flat on my back. If my neck or left shoulder hurts, I use a hot water bottle or heat pad. My left shoulder is 50% better also. I cannot yet lift heavy things like full pots.
I feel like I am slowly getting better. I have been eating a diet of whole fresh fruits & vegetables, yams or sweet potatoes, almonds, brown rice and oatmeal. No sugar, no wheat products no eggs or dairy, no potatoes or beans... Chicken gives me terrible gas so i drink the broth with vegetables. 
I have almost 50% of my hand strength. Should I try a different herbal tea? I am sorry that we cannot come to SoCal until after the 20th of June.
I know it is hard to recommend  something helpful when I am so far away. I appreciate all you do. I hope you all are doing fine.
Just to let you know, by the end of this writingmy right hand is feeling numb & stinging.
So thanks for your good treatments.

Lorena Moreno

I have begun my treatment with Dr. Jing Chen for weight loss for a week. So far I lost 8 lbs in one week! Of course it has been in a healthy way. With the help of acupuncture, herbal supplements (fat-brokers) and eating non-greasy foods, I am sure that I will reach my ideal weight.

Alexandra Bout

Dr. Chen,  thank you is not enough. You have treated every member of my family. There are 10 of us and now more because of grandchildren. You have administered herbal patches, herbal supplements, acupuncture and muscle-joint manipulations and so much more !
When we are sick we trust your treatments and have always gotten better at your hands.  You have no bad effects, only health. Even if we are out of the area, I will continue to use your herbals and seek your opinion.

Ruth Soldana

I came to see Dr. Chen through the insistence of a friend who had excellent results with a neck problem. I suffer from sciatic pain on both sides and also plantar faceitica (severe pain on my feet). Kaiser doctors give me pain pills. After four treatments, which included Tai Chi manipulation and acupuncture all pain has minimized. I am continuing my treatments. Dr. Chen not only heals you physically; his humor and worry-less consultation are uplifting. I no longer need pain medication.

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